Attention C-PTSD Survivors

are you looking to build a retreat like lifestyle you don't feel the urge to run away from?

If you are, then get ready to join a community of people just like you that offers:

🌱 Continued support system: A strong support network of people who understand and appreciate you exactly where you are on your journey without playing your therapist or trying to fix you

🌱 self-care techniques: a regular practice of daily routines can help with grounding and appreciation of self 

🌱 coping strategies: New and Refined Strategies that are effective yet easy to use 

🌱 regular check-ins: just knowing that there are people out there who care about you can be life changing 

🌱 Environment improvement: transforming your home into a healing and comfortable space is Crucial to lasting change

🌱 Resilience building: keeping track of all of your successes in a safe and supportive environment can help you feel strong and confident on your healing journey

🌱 and so much more...


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