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Friday, April 07, 2023

What does Momentum mean and how to create it?

Seriously, you hear about it all the time. So what is it and how to create it?

Let's be honest, when was the last time you reflected on your progress over the last ten year...three months...heck, one day?

I truly feel blessed to work with outstanding moms entrepreneurs, the actuals GOATs, and I see their drive, their hunger and their determination. But I often wonder what the version of them from ten years ago would think of the version today.

Do you ever think that way?

If you look at the picture below, this is a ten year long process. I went from overweight and depressed to fit and anxious to healthy and confident. All in ten years. A lot can happen, to say the least. 

Your turn:

Set your timer for 8 minutes, and reflect on the progress you've made, lessons you've learned and obstacles you've grown through over the last ten years, one year, three months and one day.

Once you do that, you can easily guess the response you'd get from the younger you.

Go ahead and do it.

And tell me all about it.

I learned this process fromThe Gap and the Gainbook, and found the process fascinating. What was truly extraordinary from this experience was the consistent dose of confidence I gained as I worked through it every day.

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