Are you a Woman Entrepreneur struggling to balance your work mission and your family?

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If so, now is your time to

Create a healthy work-life balance so that you can focus on what and who matters the most.

See What Others Say About Alma

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“Truly my dreams coming true”

“After the interview, I literally cried for 10 minutes of pure joy. This is truly my dreams coming true, and it started with YOU. Working with you is what led me here and I can’t thank you enough. You are making a huge difference.” - Amber S

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“Such An Amazing Inspiration”

“Alma has been a such an amazing inspiration to me. She helped guide me, planted seeds in my soul and gave me the tools I need to move towards my goals. As I continue to strengthen my tools, I know that it’s not only the help from her, but the fire in ME.” - Jennifer W.

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“I'm Very Thankful”

I am very thankful to have Alma in my life. Working with her helped me turn my life around and live it according to my rules. I am fulfilling my dreams and goals from a place of strength instead of fear."
- Andrea M

Working 1:1 with me isn't for everyone,
but it might just be for you. 

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If you're anything like the women Entrepreneurs I work with, you started your business with the intention of being in control of your life

...But now you have less control than ever. 

...It's almost as if no matter what you do, no matter how hard you work, it's never enough. There's always one more thing.

You always seem to be going 100 miles an hour because everything must be done now and it must be done by you.

There is an enormous amount of guilt because you love what you do, and you love your family, and it often feels like you have to choose...which means someone has to lose. 

You have this pull in your heart to create the impact you were born to create, but at the same time there is this voice in your head that says "who are you to do that?"

You still carry the weight of all the women in your family who had to carry massive burdens on their backs to satisfy the extended family and society, and you just can't let it go. 

You are frequently feeling sad and angry about all the missed opportunities, and as much as you want to enjoy the time that you do have with your family, you can't stop but to live in the past. 

You have so much anxiety about the future, and the possibility of growing old and never living up to your full potential. 

You don't even have a sense of who you really are because you have spent your whole life molding into what others wanted you to be.  

....Bottom line, you're constantly working, putting out fires, and feeling depleted at the end of the day.

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Let's focus!

With Me On Your Side You'll Focus On What Matters.

Knowing how to define your business, relationship, money, pilantrophy goals, setting achievable milestones, and taking daily action without feeling too constricted, is my commitment to you. 

With daily progress measurement and weekly progress management, you will always know if you're on track and re-direct, if needed. You will have the freedom to choose what you do with your time. 

And what's left of you will be more than ever before. 

The Time Is NOw!

Don't Let Your past dictate your future! 

What could you have next year at this time if you took control of your time? Yes. You could. You're in charge. Let me help you get there. 

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