Attention C-PTSD Survivors: Create a Safe At Home Retreat 


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Get ready to create a retreat like environment that you don't want to run away from!


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It starts with self compassion

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Alma Curran

C-PTSD Survivor

I've spent my entire childhood living in an unsafe environment. Something was always after me, real or imagined. Once I realized that I had been living with undiagnosed C-PTSD, everything fell into place. 
The last eleven years have been spent in creating a safe environment that promotes healing for me, my husband and our daughter. 
It is my dream and my purpose to help other families just like mine, families where one or both parents have been living with C-PTSD, create a home that supports their healing journey. 
It is my mission for you to come home, close the door, and find the safety that your nervous system seeks so that you can take care of those who didn't hurt you. 

You must start with compassion first.

Does This Sound Like You?

  • ​You're feeling like you need to get away all the time
  • ​Your home is never clean enough or comfortable enough 
  • ​You take on too many projects at once and feel overwhelmed by all of them, and you end up just scrolling on social media
  • ​You're struggling with getting through the day 
  • ​If you're cleaning, it's really for the credit and appreciation from others
  • You're always looking for a new home because something is missing in the one you have
  • You have a vision for how you want to live but your home doesn't support that vision
  • ​When you look around, there a bunch of unfinished projects, inside and outside 
  • Your home does not reflect your personality 
  • ​Your home doesn't feel like a home 

They Did It, You Can Too

Don't take my word for it...

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“Such An Amazing Inspiration”

“Alma has been a such an amazing inspiration to me. She helped guide me, planted seeds in my soul and gave me the tools I need to move towards my goals. As I continue to strengthen my tools, I know that it’s not only the help from her, but the fire in ME.”  - Jennifer W.

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“I'm Very Thankful”

“I am very thankful to have Alma in my life. Working with her helped me turn my life around and live it according to my rules. I am fulfilling my dreams and goals from a place of strength instead of fear."  
- Andrea M

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“Truly my dreams coming true”

“After the interview, I literally cried for 10 minutes of pure joy. This is truly my dreams coming true, and it started with YOU. Working with you is what led me here and I can’t thank you enough. You are making a huge difference.”  - Amber S


You have a gift and it’s your duty to share it with the world!”

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